Consumer behavior aspects of asian youth towards tour operators in the asian markets

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Jan 05,  · “The expansion of social media has helped create two shifts in how people can and do experience sports, both of which will have a huge impact inespecially during major sporting events.

Four distinct Asian consumer profiles identified. The study found that despite tremendous geographical and religious diversity, Asians, by and large, share a strong emphasis on family, with a high orientation towards savings, thriftiness and future planning, and hard work.

Proper behaviour, fun and enjoyment, and nature are also highly regarded. Personalization and tour design tailoring to these demands will shape the overall higher expectation towards tour operators and travel agencies.

(Ohridska,) - 23 - FigCultural Relams Trends Comparison As you can see from the Fig.6 above, 32 out of the 50 featured trip are cultural tourism trips. The second way in which the surveys were distributed was through four major tour operators in Edinburgh who run tours to the Highlands for these markets-Omega travel (Specialising in the Chinese market), Radical Travel (Market leaders for Australian tourists), Rabbie's Tours and Wild in Scotland.

Four criticisms against using socioeconomic and demographic (SED) factors in consumer behavior are reviewed: dissatisfaction with models of consumption behavior developed by economists and sociologists, obsolescence of SED factors in mass consumption societies, poor predictions produced by SED factors, and a grass-is-greener attitude held by .

Consumer behavior aspects of asian youth towards tour operators in the asian markets
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