Entrepreneurship and business planning books

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Books by Norman M. Scarborough

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Entrepreneurship and Business Planning

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The report “Entrepreneurship and Innovation at MIT” examines the impact of MIT graduates who have founded and built for-profit companies. The report estimates that, as ofliving MIT alumni have launched more than 30, active companies, creating some million jobs and generating $ trillion in annual revenue.

There are many books on the market explaining "how" to do business planning, Professor Truitt, however, goes an important step further by showing "why" business planning is crucial to an organization's success. Topics covered includes: Entrepreneurship Management, Entrepreneurship Development, Successful Entrepreneurs, Business Planning, Entrepreneur and the Environment, Incentives and Assistances to Entrepreneur, Project Management, Estimating and Financing of Funds, Incentives and Assistance to Entrepreneur, District Industries Centre and EDP.

Learn how to write a successful business plan and get your business off the ground. Real world business planning examples from finance, marketing, to getting investors. ENTREPRENEURSHIP INDUSTRY EMPHASIS:: AboUT THIS INDUSTRY EMPHASIS Ready to transform your great idea into a business success story?

At TCU, you can add an emphasis in entrepreneurship to your MBA study plan.

Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship and business planning books
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