Florida atlantic university business plan competition

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Stadson Tech growing a year after winning FAU contest

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Florida Atlantic University

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Florida State University

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Florida Atlantic University’s Adams Center for Entrepreneurship and the College of Business, along with the Research Park at FAU, today announced the winners of its FAU Business Plan.

The FAU Business Plan Competition is now open for Registration and will be hosted at FAU AprilIf you are new to iStart, please click the REGISTER button and follow the instructions. The Business Plan Competition held by Florida Atlantic University's College of Business in Boca Raton was created to help these potential entrepreneurs find their passion.

FSU College Highlights and Selected National Rankings

Feb 11,  · Although the year-old Boca Raton resident and Florida Atlantic University alumna did not win cash during last year’s competition, she netted something just. The annual FAU Business Plan Competition is hosted by the College of Business, Adams Center for Entrepreneurship with support from local partners and sponsors.

Florida atlantic university business plan competition
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