Operations management for engineering consulting firms a case study

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Global Operations Consultants

This paper presents a case study used to develop propositions about the use of operations management techniques in engineering consulting firms (ECFs).

The case organization investigated was a small consulting company that had grown from one individual to over one hundred employees in 30 years, with the most dramatic growth. SNic Solutions is a management consulting firm passionate about combining technology with the science of industrial engineering & manufacturing operations management.

This study challenges these criticisms by developing a series of propositions for engineering consulting firms based on a flexible manufacturing paradigm, in particular to (1) develop a.

CADFEM UK and Ireland Ltd was founded in by managing director Derek Sweeney, a mechanical engineer. CADFEM, the ANSYS Channel Partner in UK and Ireland, specializes in computer-aided engineering (CAE) for a range of sectors, including companies working in renewable energy, aerospace, and civil and mechanical engineering.

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Enhance your leadership skills and manage more effectively in areas such as engineering systems, program management, operations and facilities management, quality control, supply chain management and consulting.

Operations management for engineering consulting firms a case study
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